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It’s time to lock arms with like-minded women changing the world through their faith, relationships, and business.

NACWE (pronounced NAK-wee) is our shortcode for the

National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs.

NACWE HOUSTON Chapter Leadership

Vivian Watkins

NACWE Houston Director



Heather Rosson

President of NACWE



NACWE ATLANTA Chapter Members

  • Pamela Bridgeman

  • Ladawn Caldwell-Bridgeman

  • Tobi Carvana

  • Elizabeth Copeland

  • Larissa Dayana Jean

  • Queeneth Ebin

  • Teresa Grear

  • Nicole Jackson

  • Shemeka Maddox

  • Dr. Dawn Marie Kier

  • Renee Mills

  • Julie Mills-Watson

  • Stephanie Monique Weldon

  • Chibuzor (Chichi) Nwankwo

  • Alpha Omega Bailey

  • Robyn Richardson

  • Ferne Sapp

  • Janet Shaw

  • Anita Shumpert Rencher

  • Ladonna Spratley

  • Tigina Taylor

Upcoming Events


Pop-Up Networking

As we prepare to launch the Houston chapter we will be hosting pop-up networking events this summer. Click below to get more information on where each event is being held. We can't wait to meet you.


Virtual Networking

Each month we meet virtually to connect with women all over the country. Our virtual networking events are designed to create meaningful connections, collaboration, and growth with women from diverse industries.

Building Our NACWE Houston Leadership Team

NACWE Atlanta Members

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The National Association of

Christian Women Entrepreneurs

Lock arms with like-minded women to grow a business that honors your God-given calling and prioritizes your faith and family. 

  • NACWE (pronounced NAK-wee) is our short-code for the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs, a nation-wide community of women who serve Jesus, love their families, and are growing profitable businesses. 

  • Imagine your business as a living, breathing example of your God-given talents and potential, a company where your passions and divine purpose converge to create impact.


  • Imagine your business as a catalyst for change, innovation, and transformation, reflecting God’s infinite love and creativity.

This is the power of a community of women who focus on faith, family, and business. 

The women in our community get you because they are you. 

They get the relationships you’re cultivating, the faith that brings you to your knees, and the business decisions that keep you up at night. 

They get the concept of buying back your time and understand canceling calls to help a friend that needs you. 

That kind of support will lift you up in ways you’ve never experienced before. Believe me?

Let’s go. 

You can have a profitable


You were made to grow this business into something amazing that glorifies God. He has placed a unique call on your life that is intended to support your family while you support others.

You can have strong, deep relationships. 

You were made to do business in relationship with others, working toward the same goal and living out the same beliefs and values. A community that values family, friends, and collaboration.

You can

have influential faith

You were made for influence and impact, not to kick off your faith when it comes to your business, nor to leave your entrepreneurial spirit at the door when it comes to your faith.